ETERNEL Basic Skincare 5-Series

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ETERNEL Skincare Basic 5-Series

Magic Cream & Activator, Toner, Lotion, Essence, Basic Skincare 5-Series Cosmetics

ETERNEL Skincare Basic 5-Series, the five-piece collection features an ingredient mix of paprika extract, eucalyptus leaf oil and aloe vera leaf extract to banish blemishes and reveal healthy, clear skin.

@ ETERNEL Magic cream is a luxurious, irritant-free cleanser that gently help exfoliate and black-head of your nose.

@ ETERNEL Toner is water-based liquids composed of specific active ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils, tailored to address a variety of skin types. Mainly there are hydrating toners, calming and soothing toners, and astringent toners. We have the suitable toner for dry, duplicated skin.

@ ETERNEL Activator for oily skin, ETERNEL Lotion for variety of skin types, ETERNEL Essence have double functions with anti-wrinkle and whitening method. Used together, skin is brighter, retexturizsd, and younger-looking, in just three steps.

ETERNEL Magic cream


ETERNEL Activator



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