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Brightening Suncream

Whitening & Sun screen Function, Daily Cream, Cosmetics

Now, "Let's enjoy together in the sun"

Sun Protection is a basic function, besides add "WHITENING" function, you apply everyday before go out, absolutely you meet your white skin.

Hurry up!! Find the best sun cream.

Protecting your skin against harmful UV rays is crucial, after all, burnt lobster legs are no fun. So we've rounded up the best sun tan lotions out there, whether you want a high factor sun block or an organic, natural sunscreen, these are the best picks around..

Do you still buy sunscreen when you are traveling?

If you're prone to allergies, look to D'dorruroo Brightening suncream for their special cream dedicated to sun-sensitive skin. D'doruroo's formula has been designed by dermatologists to help protect against the likes of prickly heat, so no more itching.

@ Specific Characters

  - SPF50+ PA+++ : the highest level of UV protection
  - Maximize the benefits of sunscreen agents by incorporating both organic and inorganic UV blocking agents
  - Strong UV-ray blocking effect by compound UV blocking ingredient
  - Mild sunscreen with shine and fresh feeling without tackiness
  - feature that makes the sunflower harmonize well without make-up feeling.

  - Contains Zygomycorr mushroom extract to make skin smooth and without irritation.
  - Designed with a simple pink color and a rounded grip, it appeals to a young female audience.
  - UV protection, whitening, wrinkle improvement triple functional cosmetics

@ Ingredients :

Flower Mushroom extract
Aloe vera leaf extract
Centipedial extract