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Pure Hand Cream

Anti-bacterial & Moisturizing Function, Natural scents, Healthy Cosmetics

Your hands are exposed to all sorts of pain and torment throughout the year.

If you do any sort of labor, like cleaning or cooking, then there’s a good chance that your hands are at least a little raw. It doesn’t help that the cool air of air-conditioner under summer is notoriously arid. Just as a test, think about how dry the tips of your fingers feel right now.

Think about how dry your lips feel. You can fix your lip problem with just about any brand of chapstick, but you’ll need a serious hand cream for those hands.

Now, stop yourself from thinking that a regular, all-purpose body lotion will save your wilted hands. Those hands go through hell every day, a hell that’s never been experienced by your shoulders or your calves. Have you ever washed a pile of dishes with your elbows? Have you ever gotten a splinter in your back? Didn’t think so. Body lotions are just too thin to fully moisturize your bleach-exposed, tool-gripping, wintertime hands. That’s why you need to use a dedicated hand cream or a thick moisturizer.

@ D'doruroo's Pure Hand Cream

- Cherry scent
- Strawberry scent
- Herb scent
- Mango scent

@ Ingredients :

Moringa Leaf ectract
10 Flowers enzyme