Miracle SOS Soap

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Miracle SOS Soap

Whitenig & Anti-bacterial Function, Hi-end Beauty soap

Using the Saponification method based on natural vegetable fatty acids.

@ Miracle SOS soap - Gold             (Anti-bacterial Function)
@ Miracle SOS soap - Black           (Oily skin & pore management)
@ Miracle SOS soap - Green          (Inflammatory skin)

★ Deeply cleansing :

Natural and vegetable fatty acid that gently permeates into the pores can deeply decompose dirt and dissolve excessive grease. Keep skin soft and smooth.

★ Makeup removal :

Rich in vegetable fatty acids. Miracle SOS soaps are able to remove dirt, chemical substances, pore obstruction, and light make-up thoroughly.

★ Gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells :

Surface skin metabolizes every 7 to 28 days. Aged cuticles that consist of proteins are metabolized every day. Moringa enzyme, a kind of natural protease, can gently decompose old cuticles (redundant dead cells), form various skin problems and prevents skin from aging; that is to say, it can help improve the elasticity of skin, and maintain its normal metabolism.

★ Whitening :

Bamboo charcoal and mugwort, fruit enzyme helps maintain skin's normal metabolism, and regain its brightness. Hialuronic acid can boost protective ability of your skin, and keep it moist and elastic. Also, it's able to whiten black spots and freckles.

@ Ingredients :

    Moringa ectract
    Bamboo charcoal enzyme
    Mugwort & fruit enzyme