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Professionals from every possible cosmetics and personal care industry niche flock to in-cosmetics Global each year to discover what’s new in beauty ingredients, in formulation technologies, in marketing strategy, and more.

Easy Directions

Back to Basics™ is a line of all natural skincare that is inspired by people and uses some of the worlds most active and natural ingredients. All products are affordable, cruelty free and 100% plant based. Back to Basics facial oils are all inclusive and made to work for everyone in their everyday routines. Our mission is to deliver natural, easy skincare that is affordable and really works!

Cosmetics Regulation

To check the compliance of the formula of our cosmetic products, we must compare the ingredients to the Annexes of the Regulation. It is important to note that this work must be done on a regular basis, insofar as these annexes are updated several times a year (on an average of three months). It is crucial to conduct a continuous regulatory watch.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

We fulfills this role by offering a comprehensive view of cosmetic science and technology, including environmental and dermatological concerns. Our Product Information File (PIF) contain a description of the manufacturing conditions and the declaration of compliance with the ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices.

Analisys for Global Beauty Trends

A return to a more minimalist approach to beauty, this skincare ‘diet’ is all about using fewer, but harder-working items that contain higher concentrations of effective ingredients.
"Health and beauty will further converge"

Global Healthcare & Medical Trends

Beyond N.U.V, With coverage spanning the whole of the healthcare industry, you'll find essential information surrounding healthcare industry trends, including healthcare technology trends, healthcare insurance trends, and healthcare marketing trends.